Yartu - Newest Comunication Platform

We are experiencing a period in which digital transformation takes place in every aspect of our lives. With our mobile phones, computers, tablets, wearable devices, we have become the living things that produce data. Every moment of our daily life has been covered with so many devices and applications that we do not even pay attention to where and how the data is collected. This unreported issue contains a concept called information security. We are delivering the data that belong to us to our companies, which we can store with our permission and use if necessary.

We use several applications or services for daily needs, such for email to communicate (Google Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), cloud storage to store any kinds of files (Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Apple iCloud, etc.), office to organize our documents (Google GSuit, Microsoft Office, etc.), messaging (Facebook Whatsapp, Telegram etc.) and calendar (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.). Where these cloud service providers have their own servers and data is stored there.

YARTU; Instead of storing the data on YARTU servers, which you create and share, it hosts the data on your own servers and gives you complete control. In this way, you can use all advantages of the cloud with secure your company's data.


Yartu Platform Features

Yartu Email

By using Yartu Mail, you can host your own corporate e-mail service by using your domain name on your own servers.

•          Basic email features (Inbox, drafts, folders, spam filtering, archiving)

•          POP3, IMAP and SMTP support

•          Powerful spam filter and updated spam list from cloud

•          Enable SPF and DKIM features through the Administration Panel

•          ClamAV Antivirus support

•          User integration with LDAP and Active Directory


Yartu Drive

•          File synchronization on Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS platforms

•          Access to files and folders via mobile devices

•          File and folder sharing with Users and Groups

•          WebDAV / FUSE support

•          Photo and Video preview

•          User integration with LDAP and Active Directory


Yartu Office

•          Edit and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

•          Storing and sharing files through Yartu Office.


Yartu Calendar

•          Special occasions (with         Yartu Contact)

•          Attach or share with Contacts

•          File history and version control

•          Trash

•          Public file-sharing via link

•          Password-protected sharing link

•          Share link with expire date

•          Password protected library

•          Live collaboration and editing over office documents

•          Cloud-based,  special occasions (public holidays v.s.)


Yartu Contact

•          View contact list

•          Favorites

•          Duplicates

•          Labeling


Yartu Project

•          Web based project manager

•          Group support

•          Pre-established contact list

•          Mobile client **

•          Work tagging with groups or users

•          Gantt Charts 

•          Track work timeline and  boards


Yartu Note

•          Sticky notes with Labeling

•          Note sharing with Yartu Contacts

•          Archive

•          To-Do lists


Yartu Versions

Yartu services and product features are the same for all versions. There are some differences only regarding load balancing, high availability and storage usage.


fYartu (Yartu Baremetal)

This is the version where Yartu services are located on one or more physical servers.  Recommended  for  organizations  that  require  high performance and availability.

•          It is a version that can be installed on physical servers.

•          Flexible licensing model based on number of physical servers and number of users.

•          High availability (HA)

•          Uninterrupted upgrades

•          7/24 online support.


sYartu (Yartu Virtual)

This is the version where Yartu services are located on one or more virtual servers. Recommended for organizations that want to use on existing virtualization or cloud environment.

•          Virtual machine image on virtual servers

•          Flexible licensing model based on number of virtual machines and number of users.

•          7/24 online support.


bYartu (Yartu Cloud)

Without the need to host and manage servers, the data is kept in the Yartu Servers. Recommended for organizations that do not have servers or do not want to invest for servers.

•          Licensing model with number of users.

•          Zero server and maintenance cost.

•          High availability (HA) and uninterrupted service.

•          7/24 online support.