Docusis Business Process Management

Docusis is the one of the simple and capable software platform that include dynamic workflow and form design tool, it is possible to carry all your corporate forms and processes to the software platforms, and to ensure that the processes are operated, followed and any revisions can be recorded.

It’s easy to create your forms, work flows and applications, just drag&drop all objects on your browser. Docusis suggest that you can turn your repetitive jobs into productive with artificial intelligence components. All processes can be easily designed, measured, revised and implemented. You will be able to do all these operations easily without any code knowledge.

Objects and Form Desing

You can easily transform your corporate forms into web-based forms, and offer them to all employees and stakeholders with fast and simple use. All form fields (objects) are built on the "Drag & Drop" architecture, which can be easily designed through web browsers. Special fields, conditions, data links or advanced features with which relationships can be established are also provided for each object. The masking, restriction, and customization of the form areas can be easily achieved through these advanced menu options. All changes made in the form fields are kept by the system as a revision and all corporate memory can be kept.

Work Flow And Process Management

The docusis platform can be easily designing your corporate business and processes and including the forms and Office documents (MS Word, Excel, Open Office Documents and etc.) in the processes. All determined conditions and controls can be designed and implemented with "Drag & Drop" architecture. You can create your business and processes for different conditions in accordance with your corporate structure, and use these workflows and processes effectively with the form components you will prepare. For example, you can easily operate a purchasing process for different conditions by identifying all control and approval mechanisms.

BPMN 2.0 Standarts

Docusis developed according to BPMN2 standarts which includes all software proccess and drag and drop based platform. 
BPMN is a standard set of diagramming conventions for describing business processes. It is designed to visualize a rich set of process flow semantics within a process and the communication between independent processes.

Integration Management

Docusis has advanced integration components, it can be integrated into many external applications at the service layer or directly through the database connection. This dynamic structure, which can start your proccess to different application software, operate the process on itself and give the result to different applications, integration with many application software can be done easily.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Docusis ensures that both your corporate data and your customers' data are safely stored and accessed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on a secure platform. This platform can prevent data and keep it secure. It also keeps your encrypted data in the database in accordance with GDPR at every stage.

Mobile Application (IOS, Android)

By accessing your forms on mobile, you will be able to work from outside the office as if you are in your office. It is possible to operate the entire process with external application (IOS and Android) and browser (responsive) screens designed for all tablets and smartphones.


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